Study on the Auto Air Conditioning Controller Testing System Based on Lab Windows/CVI

  •  Wenjun Zhao    


In the testing process of auto air conditioning controller, there are many testing channels, large numerous of data, and complex testing flow, and the research demand of the air condition controller testing system based on the virtual instrument (VI) is proposed in this article. The design methods including the hardware design, the software design, and the human-computer interface design about the air conditioning controller testing system based on the virtual instrument are introduced, and the testing result of the system is provided in this article. By the testing system based on the virtual instrument, many functions such as the parameter testing, the data storage, the real-time data processing, the curve display, and the control logics analysis of the auto air conditioning controller could be realized. This system has many advantages such as intuitive display, quick reaction, high cost performance, and complete data storage, with stronger engineering application values. This system has been used in the production line of certain auto air conditioning controller, with good effect.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.