Research on the Dehydration Property of One of Super Absorbent Resin on the Swill Oil

  •  Wenbo Cui    
  •  Yunhui Li    
  •  Yuqin Ma    
  •  Guimiao Yu    


The super absorbent resin was synthesized by aqueous solution polymerization using starch, acrylic acid, betonies. Under such conditions, the pure water absorption rate of super absorbent polymers was up to 126.53 g/g and the salt water absorption rate was 31.41 g/g, and the super absorbent resin can absorb the little water in the waste cooking oil. The need for the super absorbent resin is different due to the different water content of the waste cooking oil. When the water content of the waste cooking oil is low (<1%), we can increase the use level of the super absorbent resin to make the water content low as soon as possible.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.