The Effect of Applying Accreditation Standards on Patients’ Satisfaction in Jordanian Governmental Hospitals

  •  Naser Ibrahim Saif    


Most hospitals follow voluntary or mandatory accreditation standards, which are widely believed to improve patient satisfaction. The current descriptive, qualitative study explored physicians’ and nurses’ opinions and beliefs regarding implemented accreditation standards on patient satisfaction at accredited Jordanian public hospitals in 2017. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire with 110 physicians and nurses from three hospitals (response rate = 71%). SPSS version 17 was used to calculate mean values, standard deviations, regression, and to conduct t-tests (significant p-values < .05). Results indicated medium levels of patient satisfaction in accredited hospitals, suggesting that patient satisfaction levels require improvement. Future research should identify causal relationships between implementing accreditation standards and patient satisfaction. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.