Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model for Road Capacity of Open Neighborhood -- Based on Improved NS Cellular Automata

  •  XiaoYan Cao    
  •  Bing-Qian Liu    
  •  Jian Cao    
  •  Yuan-Biao Zhang    


With the rapid development of motorization in our country, gated communities have become the obstacle of the development of urban traffic network. In this paper, focusing on the impact of gated communities on the traffic situation in surrounding area before and after it is opened, we firstly establish a comprehensive evaluation system by fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method and then build up the improved NS model based on Cellular Automata, which put forward the concept of internal road sharing rate in communities. Finally, we select the urban district of different types and surrounding roads in Shanghai as a case, and through simulation and evaluation, we found that the opening of communities is feasible. What’s more, compared with gated communities, the two-way 2-lane urban opening communities have the most optimal effect on improving road capacity.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.