Review of the Research on Scientific Data Management in China Libraries

  •  Yan Liu    
  •  Hongwei Yuan    
  •  Song Huang    


Scientific data management is a hotspot and an important research topic of libraries recently. It’s helpful to grasp the latest developments and directions in this field and provide reference for our library to better carry out scientific data management services. This paper retrieves related papers collected by CNKI. (China Knowledge Resource Integrated Database) From the concept of scientific data management, management policies, service models, new talent needs, data literacy education, obstacles, etc.Analysis and summarize the research results of scientific data management in recent years. Scientific data management has attracted widespread attention from many China Information Sciencescholars. However, the current study still presents obvious deficiencies, slow development of scientific data management service model, lack of scientific data management policy system, introduction of new talent exists only at the theoretical level neglect of data and humanistic education. And put forward some suggestions on promoting the practice of scientific data management in China.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.