The Effect of Strategic Vision for the University Authorities in Administrating the Internal Client: A Case Study at Zarqa University

  •  Khaled Abdulwahab Alzeaideen    
  •  Majed Abdel-Mohdi Masadeh    


The study aims at identifing the concept of strategic vision of the authorities in Zarqa University, identifing the most important elements, and proposing the appropriate mechanisms to meet the future challenges facing the university leader as a result of competition and how to maintain the teaching and non-teaching staff within the institution to enhance loyalty of the 'internal client ' in the future. Strategic vision variables were used; future status was determined, goals achieved by the vision were achieved, university culture was selected, and the appropriate strategy was chosen as independent variables affecting a dependent variable that is is the internal client relations management. The researchers collected the initial data of the study by means of a special questionnaire. The sample consists of (115) out of 300 faculty members at Zarqa University of various qualifications, ranks and experience.

The results of the analysis show that there is a strong and significant effect on all elements of the strategic vision on internal client relationship management, and demographic variables (gender, age group, job title and years of experience) contributed intrinsically to the response of the sample regarding the adoption of the strategic vision factors in managing the internal client relations.

Based on the findings of the study, the researchers proposed a number of recommendations to the administration of the university, focusing on spreading and supporting positive culture among faculty members, setting specific and clear objectives for the future to all university employees, along with constructing lucid future strategic directions, and updating the vision and mission of the institution. It is also recommended to comprehensively expand the study of the impact of strategic and other organizational factors; and programs and plans of management development on improving the management of relationships with the internal client of the University.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.