Secondary Stage Students’ Possession Degree of Self-Organized Learning Components in the Curriculum of Mathematics

  •  Khaled Abu Loum    
  •  Adnan A. AL-Omari    


This study aims at investigating secondary stage students’ possession degree of self-organized learning components in the curriculum of mathematics. The sample of the study consisted of first secondary classes in state schools in the Directorate of II Amman whose number reached 925 male and female students randomly selected at the first semester of 2015/2016. To achieve the objectives of the study a questionnaire consisting of 48 items was adopted. Results revealed that the possession degree of these students for the components of self-organized curriculum was medium in all domains and areas. Also, there are no statistically significant differences in the possession degree for first secondary class degree that can be attributed to the variables of social Pattern and the pattern of the study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.