The Effect of Employee Engagement on Organizational Performance Via the Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction: The Case of IT Employees in Jordanian Banking Sector

  •  Mahmoud Al-dalahmeh    
  •  Ra’ed Masa’deh    
  •  Rana Khaled Abu Khalaf    
  •  Bader Yousef Obeidat    


This study sought to investigate the effect of IT employees' engagement on organizational performance through the mediating role of job satisfaction for IT employees within the IT Departments in Jordanian banking sector. Quantitative research design and regression analysis were applied on a total of 429 valid returns that were obtained in a questionnaire based survey. The results showed that IT employee engagement significantly affected organizational performance and three of its dimensions, vigor, absorption, and dedication contributed significantly to organizational performance. The results also showed that IT employee engagement positively and significantly affected job satisfaction, where vigor had the most contribution. In addition, it was found that job satisfaction significantly and positively affected organizational performance. Furthermore, job satisfaction only partially mediated the association between IT employee engagement and organizational performance. This study implies that IT departments in Jordanian banking should try their best to promote and facilitate IT employees' engagement and satisfaction in an effort to improve their performance, which will eventually yield positive results for the bank as a whole. In light of these results, the research presented many recommendations for future research, the most important ones were the application of this study in other sectors, cultures, and countries, the exploration of the moderating role of job satisfaction instead of mediating role, and the use of other sampling techniques.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.