Orthogonal Study of Biodegradation of Lubricating Oil Accelerated by Lauroyl Glycine

  •  Boshui Chen    
  •  Jiu Wang    
  •  Jianhua Fang    
  •  Jiang Wu    


Different contents of lauroyl glycine were incorporated into HVI 350 mineral lubricating oil and the biodegradabilities of the formulated oils were evaluated on a biodegradation tester. Thereafter, the interaction affections of four influencing factors, viz. lubricating oil content, lauroyl glycine, microbe nutriments and oxygen supply, on biodegradation of HVI 350 lubricating oil in soils were studied based on a L9(34) orthogonal array test. The results indicated that lauroyl glycine obviously promoted biodegradation of HVI 350 lubricating oil, especially at the lauroyl glycine contents of about 1.0~1.5%. Of the four influencing factors, the effect of lauroyl glycine on biodegradation of HVI 350 lubricating oil in soils proved to be the most significant in various biodegradation durations, demonstrating that lauroyl glycine markedly contributed to the biodegradation of the lubricating oil.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.