Using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Test Data Generation and Path Testing Coverage

  •  Faten Hamad    


Software testing is a significant stage in software development lifecycle. There are different sorts of' structural software testing methodologies that may be generally utilized and moved forward through enhancing the traverse of all of the conceivable code software paths. The interest for automating data testing is growing; however, manual testing strategies utilization would be expensive and costly. Heuristic measure is being applied to; detect how better the result might be (solution fitness); result development mechanism; and suitableness criteria with stop search mechanism depending on wither a result is found or not. Testing experience could be exploited for finding a solution to the optimization problem by utilizing Meta heuristic procedures. The presented approach might have been tested for five programs to demonstrate the distinctive tests issues. This paper proposes an automatic test data generation approach that use artificial bee colony algorithm for software structural testing, particularly, path testing. This is brought on moving the centralization of data generation testing, as opposed to the automation of the whole testing operation. It executes artificial bee colony algorithm by creating testing data for the criteria of path coverage testing, and then applying the strategy to a group of test programs. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.