PPUSTMAN: Privacy-Aware PUblish/Subscribe IoT MVC Architecture Using Information Centric Networking

  •  Huda Saadeh    
  •  Wesam Almobaideen    
  •  Khair Eddin Sabri    


IoT applications have been evolved in relation to every aspect of human life. The design of the applications adds new challenges such as mobility, scalability, and privacy to the current networking architecture design. For that reason, it is mandatory to investigate new solutions and paradigms such as Information Centric Network (ICN). ICN handles many of the challenges barely handled by current IP networks such as mobility and scalability, by using in-network caching and content retrieving based on contents names instead of host addresses. This paper presents a privacy-aware ICN architecture for IoT environments based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) publish/Subscribe communication approach. This architecture focuses on supporting mobility, scalability, and privacy. A communication and processing cost comparison between Publish/Subscribe N-Tier and Publish/Subscribe MVC architectures, shows that the later outperforms N-Tier in communication, processing cost, and parallelism capabilities. Reasoning and planning for publishing actuation commands scenarios is performed using Situation Calculus which is used to formalize the communications in causality and temporal framework. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.