A Full 3-D Finite Element Analysis of Group Interaction Effect on Laterally Loaded Piles

  •  Amer Alkloub    
  •  Rabab Allouzi    
  •  Haider Alkloub    
  •  Ramia Al-Ajarmeh    


Piles are used for many types of structures to resist vertical and lateral loads.  Design considerations of piles under lateral load are very crucial because the lateral performance of the pile foundations significantly influences the integrity of the structures supported by group of piles.  Finite element study has been conducted to investigate the group interaction effect on the laterally loaded piles.  This study investigates three factors, piles spacing, group arrangement, and group size.  It has been concluded that: (1) As the piles spacing increases as the reduction factor increases and becomes close to one. (2) No reduction due to group interaction for piles spaced at eight times the pile diameter. (3) Group efficiency factor increases in piles that are arranged in a single row. (4) As the number of piles increases more reduction in the lateral resistance occurs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.