The Extent of Practicing Social Interaction Skills by Jordanian Elementary School Students in accordance with Carl Orff’s Approach to Music Education

  •  Tariq William Odeh    
  •  Mohammad Saleem Al Zboon    


The present study aimed at identifying the extent of practicing social interaction skills by Jordanian elementary school students in accordance with Carl Orff’s approach to music education. The study’s population consists from all the male and female music teachers who teach at primary levels in public and private Jordanian schools (i.e. 350 female and male teachers). In order to collect the required data, the researchers developed a questionnaire that consists from 50 statements.

It was concluded that the level of practicing the social interaction skills by Jordanian elementary school students is low from the perspective of the sampled teachers. That is because the total arithmetic mean is 1.80. As for the total standard deviation, it is 0.71. In addition, the means of all the questionnaire statements are within the moderate and low levels. In the light of the study’s results, the researchers recommend the following:

  1. Promoting the role of the music education at private and public schools. The researchers also recommend providing all the necessary means and instruments for facilitating and improving the educational process
  2. Holding more training courses for teachers regularly by the ministry of education about the music education strategies and methods.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.