Design and Implementation of a Web-Based Geotechnical Database Management System for Nigerian Soils

  •  Emmanuel Okunade    


A web-based geotechnical database management system (GDBMS) is developed for Nigerian soils. The point database (GeoDataNigeria) comprises the results of soil tests and observations from past soil investigations by different researchers and from diverse sources, with a view to maximizing the economic and scientific benefits of such test results by ensuring their unlimited accessibility. Adequate web interface is provided without limitations to all members of the public to query, report and visualize the data contained within the database. The system is designed to be infinitely extensible as managed by authorized administrators. Appropriate data templates are therefore provided for data submission while ensuring data integrity and accuracy before inclusion in the database. The data are stored raw without any pre-analysis, giving the potential users the freedom to make their own independent deductions from them. Recommendations are made to enhance the management and continual expansion of the database.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.