Sandwich Panel Behavior for Core Loading Beyond the Yield Limit

  •  Salih Akour    
  •  Hussein Maaitah    


The effect of loading core material beyond its yield limit on sandwich panel behavior is investigated. Different core materials of different stiffness are studied. The panel modeled using a finite element analysis package. Simply supported boundary conditions are applied on all sides of the panel. The effect of core stiffness is investigated parametrically by utilizing univariate search optimization technique. The load has been increased in quasi–static steps till face sheets reach the yield point. The model has been validated analytically and experimentally for selected cases. The finite element model results show very good agreement with the analytical and the experimental results investigation. It is proved in this study that the load carrying capacity of the panel increases as the core material goes beyond the yield point. Load transmitted to the face sheets increases as the core stiffness gets softer. As core material is getting stiffer face sheets of sandwich panel yield before the core. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.