Measuring the Performance of Parallel Information Processing in Solving Linear Equation Using Multiprocessor Supercomputer

  •  Faten Hamad    
  •  Abdelsalam Alawamrah    


Evaluation the performance of the algorithms and the method that is used to implement it play a major role in the assessment of the performance of many applications and it help the researchers to decide which algorithm to use and which method to implement it, it also give indicate of the performance of the hardware that the algorithm is tested over. In this paper we evaluate the performance of solving linear equation application over supercomputer which was implemented and using Message Passing interface (MPI) library. The sequential and multithreaded algorithm for solving linear equations has been experimented too and the results has been recorded, the speedup and efficiency of the algorithm has been calculated and the results showed that the parallel algorithm outperforms other methods with the large size matrix of 8192 * 8192 over the number of processors of 64. For large input size, the results also showed that there is a noticeable decrease in running time as the number of processors increase. But in case of multithreaded the results showed that as the matrix size increase the time required for running the algorithm is rapidly increasing although the number of threads increased. This indicates that the parallel performance over for large matrix input size is better and outperforms other methods. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.