An Improved Version of K-medoid Algorithm using CRO

  •  Amjad Hudaib    
  •  Mohammad Khanafseh    
  •  Ola Surakhi    


Clustering is the process of grouping a set of patterns into different disjoint clusters where each cluster contains the alike patterns. Many algorithms had been proposed before for clustering. K-medoid is a variant of k-mean that use an actual point in the cluster to represent it instead of the mean in the k-mean algorithm to get the outliers and reduce noise in the cluster. In order to enhance performance of k-medoid algorithm and get more accurate clusters, a hybrid algorithm is proposed which use CRO algorithm along with k-medoid. In this method, CRO is used to expand searching for the optimal medoid and enhance clustering by getting more precise results.

The performance of the new algorithm is evaluated by comparing its results with five clustering algorithms, k-mean, k-medoid, DB/rand/1/bin, CRO based clustering algorithm and hybrid CRO-k-mean by using four real world datasets: Lung cancer, Iris, Breast cancer Wisconsin and Haberman’s survival from UCI machine learning data repository. The results were conducted and compared base on different metrics and show that proposed algorithm enhanced clustering technique by giving more accurate results.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.