Measuring the Distance between the Two Vehicles Using Stereo Vision with Optical Axes Cross

  •  Mohammad Ebrahim Ashoori    
  •  Mahmoud Mahlouji    


We will see smart cars on the street in future that has got ability to recognize the car, and has the ability to estimate the direction and distance from other vehicles or pedestrians and they can implement operations corresponding to the track for the navigation. In this paper by using stereo vision with the optical axis intersecting, by using two cameras, a camera has got rotation around on the Y-axis and using modern methods of image processing and focusing on the area of 1/5 m and using MATLAB software to estimate the distance between the vehicles. In this paper the whole process of stereo vision from image acquisition distortion compensation, image smoothing, stereo correspondence, and finally measure the distance is handled. The method used in this paper for calibration has got flexible more than other methods. The main advantage of the used method for calibration is its easy setup so that just by creating a calibration page anyone can use it. The results shows at day and in the laboratory conditions that has got acceptable accuracy %89/9.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.