Grey Wolf Algorithm for Requirements Prioritization

  •  Raja Masadeh    
  •  Abdullah Alzaqebah    
  •  Amjad Hudaib    


Requirement prioritization is one of the most important approach in the process of requirement engineering due to use it in order to prioritize the execution sort of requirements with taking into account the viewpoints of stakeholders. Thus, in this study, grey wolf optimization (GWO) algorithm is applied in order to prioritize the requirements of a software project. GWO imitates the hunting behavior of grey wolves in nature. Which distinct from others that it has dominant leadership hierarchy which contains four main types; alpha, beta delta and omega wolves. In this paper, a proposed algorithm is presented to prioritize the requirements into ordered list. Furthermore, it is compared and evaluated with analytical hierarchy process (AHP) technique in terms of average running time and dataset size. The findings display that the RP-GWO performs better than AHP mechanism by approximately (30%).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.