An Enhanced Approach for Using Data Visualization for Sentiment Analysis and Auto Summarization Data

  •  Osama Mohammad Rababah    
  •  Esra F. Alzaghoul    
  •  Hussam N. Fakhouri    


With the rapid increase in the size of the data over the internet there is a need for new studies for text data summarization and representation; rather than storing the full text or reading the full text we can store and read a summary that represent the original text. Furthermore, there is a need also to represent the summarized text with visual representation; one picture worth ten thousandwords. In this paper we propose an approach for visual representation of the summarized text;visual resources give creative control over how message is perceived andprovide a faster way to know what where the text about.This approach were implemented and tested on a sample of two datasets one of 50 texts and the other dataset of 80 positive and negative movie comments, the evaluation has been done visually and the percent of success cases has been reported, the precision and recall has been calculated.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.