Organization Intelligence and Bureaucracy Reform at Public Organization in Indonesia

  •  Ismiyarto .    


Organization intelligence and bureaucracy reform are important part of public administration. It is values and credibility agreed (the shared value and beliefs) which is learnt, applied continuity becoming main characteristic as guidance for organization members have behaviors, concurrently increasing its performance. It achieved through bureaucracy reform. In taking an easy way of explaining and more operational bureaucracy reform, thus government proclaims nine programs of acceleration bureaucracy reform. Illustrating paradigm changing, organization structure, management, policy, framework term and human resource intelligence work that are guided to budget conserving, rectifying public service quality, stimulating government performance mechanism efficiently and effectively. Tidying up of organization intelligence by one of its dimension is the difficult act into bureaucracy reform implementation while compared with intelligence process, structure and procedure. This research is done by applying descriptive methods of qualitative analysis include in a case study research. The result shows that one of public organization has implemented integrity values, professional and accountable in an internal area of nine programs on bureaucracy reform acceleration. There are nineteen activities becoming part of following up of these programs that totally reflect on an organization intelligence dimension, the suggestion of this model and able to overcome obstacle factor. In accelerating realize apparatus whose have integrity, professional and accountable need a lot of activities as following up of survey result of nine programs on bureaucracy reform acceleration program both of internal or external areas cooperate with independent institution. 

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