The Extent to Which Students Have Sufficient Awareness of E-Learning and its Relation to Self-Studying and Academic Achievement

  •  Fatima Eid Al Adwan    
  •  Abdelsalam Fahad Al Awamrah    


Rapid development of information and communication technologies poses education to improve the quality of the educational process. And today the main focus in the current learning process is shifting toward the model of e-learning, to which aim mainly to provide students with convenient and round-the-clock access to educational materials, this open access valuable and available e-learning models provides an improved modern learning model that improve the educational process. This study aims to investigate the student's awareness of e-learning and how it is related to self studying and academic achievement. A well-designed online questionnaire developed and used to collect primary data and the statistical analysis has been applied to get the results. The result revealed that the sample students’ have high awareness towards e-learning in the University of Jordan and using e-learning significantly affected their self-studying behavior and academic achievement.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.