Perceptions towards Online Counseling among University of Jordan Students

  •  Adel Tannous    


Technology and the use of internet has taken counseling service beyond the face-to-face to online counseling services. Online counseling has been available and widely used as more people are going online. Therefore this research aims to examine the perceptions of University of Jordan students toward online counseling. A sample of 210 respondents were selected to complete online questionnaire that contains two aspects of knowledge about and attitude toward online Counseling. The results of the study indicated that respondents have adequate information about the field of online counseling. However, face to face counseling was not the first preferences for most of the respondents. They have a positive attitude and a high level of preferring toward online counseling, and they believe that online counseling is an essential part of their way to deal with daily life problems. The results also indicated that social media is most effective way that help respondents to get online counseling, and it has tremendous effect on respondent's life. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.