Sensitivity-Based Reliability Analysis of MEMS Acceleration Switch

  •  Prashank Kansal    
  •  Pramod Kasturi    
  •  Nam H. Kim    
  •  Seung-gyo Jang    


MEMS acceleration switches have been used in many engineering applications. In this paper, the reliability of MEMS switch is evaluated under various uncertainties from materials and manufacturing process. First, the performance of MEMS switch is modeled using 1D mass-spring-damper-contact system. Different from conventional lumped element methods, the model includes the effect of geometric parameters as well as contact conditions. The parameters of 1D models are calibrated using a high-fidelity finite element model. For reliability assessment, four different methods are used in order to compare computational cost as well as accuracy in predicting reliability. It turned out that sensitivity-based reliability method has several benefits, such as computational time and identifying important parameters that contribute significantly to reliability. The sensitivity analysis showed that the cross-sectional height and the length of folded-beam contribute most significantly to the reliability of switch-on condition. After changing the length of the beam, the probability of failure was improved from 0.168 to 0.0003.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.