Performances and Stall Delays of Three Dimensional Wind Turbine Blade Plate-Models with Helicopter-Like Propeller Blade Tips

  •  Sutrisno .    
  •  Deendarlianto .    
  •  Indarto .    
  •  Sigit Iswahyudi    
  •  Muhammad Bramantya    
  •  Setyawan Wibowo    


The research on three dimensional (3-D) wind turbine blades has been introduced (Sutrisno, Prajitno, Purnomo, & B.W. Setyawan, 2016). In the current experiment, the 3-D wind turbine blades would be fitted with helicopter-like blade tips and additional fins to the blade hubs to demonstrate some laminarizing features.

It was found that additional helicopter-like blade tip to the turbine blade creates strong laminar flows over the surface of the blade tips. Supplementary, finned hub, fitted to the blade body, creates rolled-up vortex flows, weakens the blade stall growth development, especially for blades at high-speed wind. A proposed mathematical form of modified lifting line model has been developed to pursue further 3-d blade development study of 3-d wind turbine blade.

Rolled up vortex effects, developed by finned of the base hub, has been acknowledged could demolish the turbulent region, as well as laminarize the stall domain to intensify the induced wind turbine blade lift.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.