The Important of Training and its Impact on the Performance of Employees in Banking Sectors (Abu Dhabi – UAE) to Rise Efficiency

  •  Burhan Mahmoud AwadAlomari Alomari    
  •  AlaEldin Mohammad Hasan Awawdeh    
  •  Main Naser Alolayyan    


The study aims at measuring the impact of human resource management practices on creativity and innovation with the presence of competencies as an intermediary variable. The study highlights the importance of human resource management practices for UAE banks and explores the role of human resource management practices in enhancing the creativity and innovation of employees. To achieve this goal, six UAE banks were selected as a study area. A questionnaire was designed and distributed to a random sample of 150 respondents. The analytical, descriptive method was used for analysis. Data analysis and testing were carried out using SPSS.

Some of the most important outcomes of this study are: Human resource management practices such as compensation and benefits, employment, empowerment and human resources planning have a positive impact on innovation. Compensation, benefits, employment, training and development, also have a positive effect on creativity. Human resource management practices have a positive impact on training. The study recommends that giving the UAE banks the priority of human resource management practices is of great importance in their dimensions according to the scale of human resource management practices that are interested in achieving innovation and creativity for employees within the banks. The further studies are suggested related to human resources management practices and creativity and innovation because of their impact on achieving competitive advantage.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.