Introducing a New Idea: Severance of Public Parking in Iran

  •  Masoud Maasoumi    


In 1902, Mozafaredin Shah was familiar with the car on his trip to Europe and brought two cars to Iran. Gradually more cars were brought into the country. Since 1921, the body of Iran's major cities was affected by movement of vehicles. Nowadays, the unbridled use of cars affects Iran's urban management, particularly in cities with a population of more than fifty thousand persons. In addition to the many advantages, the vehicle presence in Iranian cities sometimes has negative consequences. Traffic, noise and air pollution are inevitable disadvantages. Lack of public and private parking is a serious issue for those involved in planning and urban management in Iran, leading to social and economic costs. Lack of parking in Iranian cities is affected by cultural and economic factors and administrative structures. The creation of public parking will not be improved without modification of the factors. Hence, this study introduces a new idea based on the reform approach which resolves a significant part of the problems. This idea is based on the revision and reform of registration rules. A corrective action in the event of operational supports leads to improving the construction of public parking. This new idea provides the severance of public parking and the possibility of issuing the entire document for each unit of parking.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.