Investigating of Mechanical Behavior of AA5083 in the Pressing Process Using Finite Element Analysis

  •  Babak Beglarzadeh    
  •  Behnam Davoodi    


The process of cold forming is considered of the most different industries and the use of such process in the manufacture of components and small parts has expanded. Therefore, analyzing the behavior of metals in this process to identify and control durability that is the main factor of limiting process has particular importance in industrial forming processes. In this study, cold forming process of aluminum metal has been studied and its effect on its mechanical properties has been evaluated. For this purpose, first modeling piece of aluminum alloy 5083 for cold forming process is carried out and using finite element analysis, mechanical properties of considered piece during cold forming processes are investigated. The results show that by reducing friction, stress and strain during the process will reduce, thereby durability of the piece increases, or in other words, ductile fracture occurs in longer life and higher stresses. The results show that by proper forming operations, it can be improved the strength and durability of aluminum alloy. Finally, validation of results, by comparing simulation results with experimental results is carried out.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.