Potency of Bacillus spp from Potato Rhizosphere as Active Ingredients for Biostimulant Formulation

  •  Henry Kesaulya    
  •  Hasinu Jeffij Virgowati    
  •  Tuhumury Gratiana Normalita Celvia    


Bacteria that colonized plant roots can be identify, characterify and tested for their ability to stimulate plant growth. The purpose of this research is to know the ability of Bacillus spp bacteria as active ingredient of biostimulant formulation which aims to stimulate the growth of plants. Bacillus spp bacteria derived from rooting potato plants tested its ability to dissolve phosphate, N fixation, producing IAA, GA, siderophore and HCN. The results showed different abilities in producing growth-promoting compounds from each tested strain. Bacillus niabensis Strain PT-32-1, Bacillus subtilis Strain SWI16b, Bacillus mojavensis Strain JCEN3, Bacillus subtilis Strain HPC21, Bacillus cereus Strain HY, and Bacillus moyavensis UCMB 5075 can be utilized as an active ingredient formulation biostimulantplant growth promoting non pathogenic.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.