Investigating Marital Infidelity from the Perspective of Payame Noor and Azad Universities’ Students in Bileh Savar County in 2015

  •  Mohsen Alayi    
  •  Azam Faridi    


Infidelity is one of the problems which families are involved in and it goes forward to complete separation. Of course, this problem existed long time ago, with this difference that infidelity and polygamy were common categories in families in the past and they were a privilege especially for men. Sometimes, even women themselves were looking for a wife for their husband. However, at the present time, polygamy is not considered as a privilege and value and even women are not willing to share their husband with another woman. This subject has become a problem in families. The research population consisted of students (male and female) of Payame Noor and Azad Universities in Bileh Savar County. All students of Payame Noor University were 500 and students of Azad University were 1000. Since there were no accurate statistics of married students at both universities, and also due to the lack of financial ability and high costs of research analysis, 150 students were randomly selected as the sample of research. Survey research method and questionnaire were used for data collection. Statistical methods were applied in the forms of descriptive statistics (frequency table, percent, charts) and referential statistics (Pearson test, t-test).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.