Deformation Calculating of Electromagnetic Launcher’s Rail Subjected to Logarithmic Magnetic Pressure

  •  Wen Liu    
  •  Min Li    
  •  Xiangzhong Bai    
  •  Leilei Wang    


To solve the accurate calculation of force-deformation of the electromagnetic launcher’s rail , this is helpful to extend the rail life and improve the firing accuracy. Therefore, the electromagnetic launcher’s rail can be modeled as a beam on elastic foundation with simply supported beam by moving load. In this paper Euler beam theory is applied to build the Mechanical model and the analytical solution of the equation subjected to logarithmic magnetic pressure is derived in detail, which has successfully avoided the errors which are caused by using the uniform pressure to approximately replace the variable force. The numerical analysis brings from the elastic coefficient, the damping coefficient, the mass of rail and the load’s velocity have influence on the deformation of beam by the MATLAB software. The consequence shows that the elastic coefficient and the load’s velocity have quite obvious affect on the deformation of the beam while the damping coefficient and the mass of rail have not obvious affect on the deformation of the beam. It laid the foundation for solve the electromagnetic launcher’s rail subjected to magnetic pressure of arbitrary function and promote the practicality of the electromagnetic guns.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.