The Role of Items Quantity Constraint to Control the Optimal Economic Order Quantity

  •  Karzan Ghafour    


The obligation or the traditional question in inventory models is how much or how many of inventory items to order. In inventory control, the economic order quantity, EOQ is varies from model to another based on the variables and assumptions. This paper develops the EOQ using two deterministic inventory models (Purchases model and production model with shortage) of multi-items when the objective function is subjected to a constrained number of items quantities. The constraints are supposed to be active if the left-hand side does not satisfy the right-hand side condition. Thus, to achieve the new formula of multi-item EOQ in each of the two models with the constraint, Lagrange method have been used. Finally, to provide the proposed model a numerical example has been used.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.