Retrofit Corrosion Control for Al-Zubare Harbor Marine Structures

  •  Mohammed Hafiz    


Today’s offshore and ocean going structures are fitted with systems which work to inhibit the rate at which the structure corrodes in the aggressive marine or soil environment. In Al-Zubare Harbor corrosion is also a significant problem, which is due in part to the marine environment and ignorance in corrosion control methodologies. Some costly examples which have recently occurred in Al-Zubare Harbor are excessive corrosion. These problems could have been avoided with selection of appropriate materials, better design, or utilization of corrosion control methodologies like cathodic protection. These retrofit cathodic protection (CP) systems are carefully designed to offer the structure a uniform protection over its surface with the most economical use of anodes. These operate by setting up an electrostatic field in the water surrounding the structure which causes a desired voltage and current density distribution over its surface area.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.