Utilization of Displaced Land of Former Red Stone Excavation for Milkfish Farming by Stick Net Cage System (A Case Study at Gentungan, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia)

  •  Abdul Sambu    


This study was conducted at Gentungan village, West Bajeng District, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia for four months, i.e., from March to July 2016. The study aimed to (1) determine the feasibility of water quality for nursing at the former land of red stone excavation, (2) analyze the growth rate, and (3) analyze the survival rate. Method used in this study was the stick net cage system which sized 4.0 × 3.0 × 1.5 m, with an average density was 20 fish/m3. The results showed that (1) the measurement and analysis results of water quality during the nursering period were still in the limits of feasibility as presented in Table 1, (2) the analysis results of growth rate were obtained an average growth rate of 117 gram for 160 days, and (3) the survival rate was 86%. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.