Analysis of Thermal Energy Distribution from Low Yield Nuclear Explosions

  •  Jinan Abdil-Hasan    


This study is dedicated for the determination of the distribution of thermal energy resulted from different types of a 50-70 KT yield nuclear explosion; surface, aerial, in different locations away from the explosion center and considering the differences in the transmittance factor and visibility conditions that may affect the distribution of thermal energy. The results showed that the majority of released thermal energy occurs during a very short period of time after explosion, and reaches its maximum of 22 KT after about 3.1 sec. Also, it was determined the absence of significant effect for the visibility degree on the value of the total thermal exposure for both types of explosions, and that the thermal exposure due to the surface explosion is about 60% of its value in case of the aerial explosion.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.