Optimization of Design Scheme for Toll Plaza Based on M/M/C Queuing Theory and Cellular Automata Simulation Algorithm

  •  Yi-Jian Liu    
  •  Jian Cao    
  •  Xiao-Yan Cao    
  •  Yuan-Biao Zhang    


As an important field in traffic control science, the research in design of toll plazas has increasingly attracted attention of scholars and society. A good design of toll plaza needs to meet a lot of conditions, such as high safety coefficient, high throughput and low cost level. In this study, we established an evaluation model of toll plaza based on cellular automata and M/M/C queuing theory applying to three aspects: safety coefficient, throughput and cost. Then, we took the Asbury Park Toll Plaza in New Jersey as an example to analyze its performance and further optimized the design of the toll plaza. Compared with the original design, the optimized toll plaza we designed is proved to be safer and preferable. Last but not least, we further analyzed the robustness of the designed toll plaza, proving that the designed toll plaza had a preferable performance in reality.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.