Tow-Objective Model of Green Supply Chain with the Cost Evaluation

  •  Abbas Shiri Abbas Shiri    
  •  Mansour Forouhar    
  •  Jalal Albadi    


In recent years, the supply chain has become a subject of interest for the managers and captains of industry and the life and death of the business organizations and corporation depend on the activity of intertwined chains. Beyond this definition, by adding the term Green, chain management refers to green procurement, green production, green distribution, green supply and inverse logistic. The main approach of this paper is designing and offering a mathematical model for designing the green supply chain networks, which three-level planning is developed, which is aimed in optimizing two contradictory goals and has problem conflicts including 1- minimization of costs, and 2- minimization of environmental pollutants. The problem is expressed as the longitudinal programming of integer numbers. Results show applicability and practicality of this model.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.