Micro-Modeling Brick Walls with Reinforced Openings by a Layer of Shotcrete

  •  Seyed Hashemizadeh    
  •  Leila Shahryari    


In this paper, the numerical and experimental results related to masonry walls with and without reinforcing cover layer of reinforced concrete (shotcrete) have been validated. Then, by numerical modeling and reviewing and conducting parametric studies on brick walls, the effect of the parameters affecting the behavior of these walls has been investigated. We found that the studied unreinforced masonry walls with 4 times increased in vertical stress improved the maximum strength of the sample by 2.15 times. Pod and layer of shotcrete significantly increased the lateral capacity and formability of brick walls. In samples with opening because of opening in reinforced or non-reinforced samples with shotcrete, the final capacity of samples was reduced and failure mode is changed. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.