Analysis of English Language Textbooks of the Iran Language Institute In Order to Specify the Student’s Involvement Index of the Teaching Learning Process

  •  Tahereh Eslaminejad    
  •  Nasim Saeid    


Increasing students’ involvement in learning activities is one of the most important methods in effective teaching and learning process. When students are actively involved in the learning task, they learn more than when they are passive recipients of instruction. Text booksare the most important elements and have a very crucial effect in the process of language teaching and learning while prepared and developed by considering the potential educational usage and designed based research studies and modern educational technologies to meet the needs of diverse learners and enable pupils to engage actively with lessons to develop their thinking and interpreting power. The purpose of this study was analyzing the text content of the Iran English language textbook at the language institute to identify whether the contents in the textbook appropriate for involving learners in the learning task and may contribute to improve learning? The content of English language textbook for the adult learners was analyzed by criteria derived from adapting the involvement developed based on William Rummy technique. The content analysis covered the components of the textbook such as texts, activities, questions, and figures and diagrams. The results revealed that only the texts, questions, and activities given in the textbook encourage student’s involvement in the teaching and learning process.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.