Effect of Ajowan Seeds as Safe Inhibitor on the Corrosion of Steel in 2.0 M Sulfuric Acid

  •  Aisha M. Al-Turkustani    


Corrosion  inhibition  of  steel  in  sulphuric  acid  by  aqueous  extract  of  Ajowan  (carom)  seeds   has been  studied  using  chemical  (HE  and  ML)  and  electrochemical  (EIS  and  PDP)   measurements   at 30?C.  The  results  indicated  that  Ajowan  extract  inhibit  the  corrosion  process  in  2.0M  H2SO4    and the  inhibition  efficiency  increase  as  concentration  increased.  Impedance  studies  showed  that   the charge transfer controls the dissolution mechanism of steel across the phase  boundary  in   the absence  and  the  presence  of  the  inhibitor  and  potentiodyanaic  polarization  results  indicate   that Ajowan   seeds   act   as   mixed   type   inhibitor.   The   inhibition   efficiency   obtained   from   various employed  methods is approximately in good agreement. Adsorption process of Ajowan molecules on steel surface is spontaneous and it obeys the Friuendlish adsorption isotherm.

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