The Study of How Open Community Based on Combination Weighting Method Influence on Road Capacity

  •  Zhuhui He    
  •  Rui Liao    
  •  Longlong Wang    


The paper studies whether the opening of community can improve the road capacity. First of all, based on the consideration of road space and traffic quality, the evaluation indexes are: road network density, road network connectivity, non-linear coefficient, traffic volume of main road beside community, delay time of intersection, travel time consumption and vehicle accessibility. Secondly, the weight of the index is calculated by the method of relative comparison, the variation coefficient method and the entropy weight method. Then, we sort the three weights, using the correlated coefficient and degree of spearman rank to combine the three weights, so as to get combined weights of various index and achieve the effect which makes good use of the method. Finally, we combine indicators and weights, establish a comprehensive evaluation model, and assess the road capacity before and after the opening of the road. Through the calculation, it is found that the comprehensive evaluation index after the opening of the community is higher than that before the opening, that is, the positive impact on the surrounding roads.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.