The Role of Eco-Technologic Solutions in Designing Buildings based on Energy-Saving Approach

  •  Anosh Kazemha    


Today, along with the increase in population growth and rapid expansion of cities, the need for urban constructions for to social activities is inevitable. In this regard, though considering quantity and variety of construction to accelerate their exploitation is necessary, but saving energy in designing buildings should also be considered both in improving the quality of constructions, and increasing the life of buildings should be considered in designing and building, because the case in buildings increased costs. Eco-technologic is a concept in which designing a building is done by using the best modern technology of the world and following the principle of sustainable development covering the present and future needs in line with optimizing energy consumption and reducing environmental pollution. In other words Ecology seeks to avoid waste of energy. In this study it was tried to investigate the role of Eco-technologic solutions in designing buildings with the approach of energy-saving by the use of library resources with applied-qualitative research method.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.