The Factors that Affecting on the Consumers' Continuing to Use Internet Services in the Banking Industry: Empirical Evidence from Abu Dhabi, UAE

  •  Anas Al-Qudah    


The aim of the current study is to discover and examine the factors that affecting consumer’s and dealers' in banking services to continue using internet banking (electronic services) in United Arab Emirates. one of the most important goal in the banking sectors is a new customer acquisition, but actually the measures of continued the new customer with the bank is more important, that called in the marketing science 'retaining customers'. And one of the most effective methods to do that is make the electronic services more attractive to customers and accorded more attention to the internet banking, to make it understandable and enforceable by any customer. The current study is a natural reaction to a gap in the current references and researches which needed the produce of more unified theoretical analysis and the determination of factors that affect the continuing using of internet banking in the regard of importance to consumers, customers, and banking dealers.

The researcher trying through this study to offer a many concepts depend on theoretical models regarding to the assenting of technology that used in banking industry and circulate of creative theories in this field. The Virtual model of this study includes some variables were created by the main factors from the researcher point eye view depend on some literature was taken in consideration, these factors: Technology, channel and social factors, which effect on the customers through continuing using of internet banking. And in the regarding of Data collection, it was collected using a questionnaire was contributed in Marina mall in Abu Dhabi mall ( A sample of this study includes 292 internet banking users. After run regression for this Data by some types analysis methods the researcher used the result of Likert scale, factor clarification and hierarchical multiple analysis, the main result of this study that the factors chosen in the model have a significantly impact on continuing using of internet banking.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.