Investigate the Situation of Satisfaction of Social Relationships and Living Environment in Elders in Nursing Homes and Elders in the Family

  •  Issa Nickbakht    
  •  Alireza Jaberi    
  •  Ahmad Peyvandi    


The purpose of this study is to compare the satisfaction of social and living conditions of elderly people living in nursing homes, with family environment. The research method is Survey. The population included elderly residents of a nursing home comfort in Karaj (60 Persons), and the number of seniors living in families in the city of Karaj. Due to the limited number of population, census method was used to determine sample size. Also, 60 seniors who lived in the area were selected by convenience sampling method, to study more precise and similar in both groups of seniors. The questionnaire included 11 questions on a Likert spectrum of very high (5), high (4), average (3), low (2) and very low (1) was used to collect data in this study. The research tools were used by the opinions of experts, and reviewed and revised. Therefore, the validity was confirmed. Parallel methods were used to measure the reliability of research. In this case, we refer to the first 20 participants, and questions were asked, and again the test was repeated a week later, and since, to obtain general information, the information is not different from those after of a week, the questionnaire was judged as valid. To analyze the findings, we used descriptive statistics (frequency, percentage and mean) and inferential statistics (t-test) with application software spss. The results showed that, on average satisfaction (of social relations and the environment) among residents of a nursing home, are 9.56 and 14.27, respectively, and in the elderly living at home is 14.09 and 18.84 respectively. Hypothesis test results also showed that satisfaction with social relationships and environment, studied two groups of elderly unequal, and this inequality is also significant.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.