Analysis of Criminal Responsibility of Users of Chemical Weapons in International Documents

  •  Mahmud Buolagh    
  •  Habib Zuori    


The article is written entitled "Analysis of criminal responsibility of the users of chemical weapons". The issue of chemical weapons and criminal responsibility of users of this weapon is very important because countries like Iran starting a war of aggression and invasion against violations of humanitarian law, international criminal is not considered responsibility for the instigators of war. This study aimed to explore international responsibility of individuals and legal assign and use of chemical weapons and the role of domestic law in support of victims of such weapons has been developed. The main hypothesis of this study tries to answer this question that what challenges are dominant criminal responsibilities of users of chemical weapons. It states that; the impact of global powers on international issues are the lack of law, guarantees, good performances and the most important challenges is the lack of cooperation by governments. This research, descriptive analysis of documents, according to primary sources, including data and legal jurisprudence and secondary sources, including laws papers has been developed. The findings of this study show that, the principles of international law banning the use of chemical weapons, in addition to the contract law, is customary international law, hence, even if the country has no weapons of mass destruction also a member of the international conventions, proscription, in case of violations of international humanitarian law can still be prosecuted in the s.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.