Improving Project Management Teaching Using Scaffolding Based on Cladistics Parsimony Analysis

  •  Stanislaw MAJ    


There are numerous educational paradigms each with their advocates and critics. The cognitive science approach is based on modelling memory as short term and long term each with their different characteristics. All learning consists of an iterative cycle of assimilate and retrieve between these two types of memory. The objective is the construction of an ordered mental structure called a schema in long term memory. With this approach it is possible to define schemas according to an optimal learning sequence. An optimum sequence has minimal cognitive load and hence the ideal teaching sequence. Previous work has clearly demonstrated that this method may be applied to network technology education. This paper applies the same method of teaching financial instruments in project management. Results to date demonstrate that scaffolding, based on cladistics parsimony analysis is a generic method and can be applied to different disciplines. Using this method an optimal learning sequence for project management financial instruments may be produced.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.