Solving Multi-Objective Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows Using Hybrid Ants Optimization and Tabu Search Based on Performance Metrics

  •  Mohammed Hassan    
  •  Laina Makdyssiian    
  •  Wassim Habib Bilal    


In this research, we are studying the possibility of contribution in solving the multi-objective vehicle Routing problem with time windows, that is one of the optimization problems of the NP-hard type, This problem has attracted a lot of attention now because of its real life applications.

Moreover, We will also introduce an algorithm called Hybrid Algorithm (HA) which depends on integrates between Multiple Objective Ant Colony Optimisation (MOACO) and Tabu Search (TS) algorithm based on the Pareto optimization, and compare the presented approach is the developer with standard tests to demonstrate the applicability and efficiency.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.