A Review of Shahnameh from the Perspective of Daqiqi Tusi Murder in Iran

  •  Mohamadreza Birang    
  •  Jalil Tajlil    


In Shahnemaeh, we cannot see any express statement about Daqiqi Tusi murder. Ferdowsi's narrative about the murder of Daqiqi is such vague and unclear that has attracted researchers’ attention. Based on Ferdowsi’s opinion, initially, it seems the incentive of Daqiqi murder to be a dramatic process than being a predetermined approach. In another hand, Shahnameh points to the Daqiqi’s bad tempered character. In this regard, Daqiqi murder that is done by his bondservant might have got an interpersonal incentive. The main purpose of the paper is to study the incentive of Daqiqi Tusi murder in Shahnameh context while comparing it with other evidence like Daqiqi’s opposition to a political governing system and appearance of this opposition in his poems. The method used in the study is a descriptive-analytical approach. We conclude that closed tips about the incentive of Daqiqi Tusi murder pointed out in Shahnameh might be misleading indications; thus, further research in this area is highly needed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.