Develop a Comprehensive System for Prioritizing Employment Risk with the Use of Multi-Criteria Decision making approach (Technique Analytical Hierarchy Process)

  •  Homa Pouresfandyani    
  •  Sara Najiazarpour    


This study has tried to detailed quantitative risk assessment methods and techniques Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) experts extracting, classifying and structuring them in addition to showing how to use techniques such as multi-criteria decision making technique AHP development a comprehensive system for prioritizing risk job of great importance. The output of this research as a decision support system in addition to the ease with which managers make decisions about the accuracy of decisions, it is recommended they are assured of multiple criteria decision making use of techniques to managers in the risk management process macro projects and organizations, to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of corrective actions, control and prevention strategies to reduce and control risks in the workplace and promising career cut irreparable effects for the organization and what they do for the community.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.