Physiological and Biochemical Grounding of Different Nanomaterials Use WhenGrowing Corn Seeds

  •  Polishchuk S. D.    
  •  Nazarova A. A.    
  •  Byshov N. V.    
  •  Kuznetsov D. V.    
  •  Churilov D. G.    
  •  Churilov G. I.    


We have investigated in labandfield conditions the influence of cornpre-plant treatment with cuprum and cobalt nano particles and humicacids. We have determined the vitaland morpho-physiological parameters of plants and shown that the effective concentrations are within the limit 0.1-1.0 gper hectare norm of seeding rate. We have discovered that nano particlesi ncrease photosynthesis efficiency andactivate oxidation-reduction ferments and parameters of mineral metabolismthat increases fat in grown seeds by 0.63% as compared with the control.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.